Satellite Anomaly Injection & Detection Testbed

Software Development

⚡ Project Overview

What is a brief introduction to the project?

The Aerospace Corporation sponosered the College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology 2020-2021 Capstone program at Cal State University, Los Angeles. The Aerospace Corporation proposed an effort to explore technologies in the areas of satellite simulation, anomaly detection with machine learning techniques, and data processing. Here they provided a loose set of requirements that could be negotiated to either increase or reduce the challenges to the students as appropriate. The CSULA and Aerospace teams talked about new and modified requirements frequently to optimize the benefit to everyone involved.

What is a detailed overview of the project, and what problem did it aim to solve?

Satellites perform a host of vital functions including communications, weather prediction, geolocation, defense, and many others. In these complicated systems, it is extremely important that accurate data flows freely between the ground and the satellite via uplinks and downlinks. When strange behaviors or anomalies occur, it is vital that the errors be identified and corrected before a disaster occurs. Sometimes these anomalies are the result of errors in the hardware or software, issues introduced by the environment, or an attack by a hacker. Effective anomaly detection techniques can help identify problems on the vehicle before they happen, which can help improve mission success.

The operation of satellites in long-term operation is affected by many uncertain factors. Anomaly detection based on telemetry data is a critical satellite health monitoring task that is important for identifying unusual or unexpected events. The use of simulation tools allows users to configure and deploy platforms to be used in real-time environments as well as simulate any anomalies that can take place. Machine learning can be used to detect these anomalies by comparing actual observed values with the predicted intervals of telemetry data. Simulation tools can be utilized by students to develop a way to solve these complex problems using applications already being used in the industry.

For this project, we have developed software components to integrate with and utilize existing industry open-source software components to perform the tasks outlined below to:

  1. Generate satellite simulation data
  2. Inject anomalous scenarios into the flight system
  3. Apply techniques for detecting the anomalies on board and on the ground

Outcomes from the project:

  1. Software source to developed anomaly injection and detection capabilities
  2. Detailed documentation on design, implementation, tests, and results from each of the anomaly scenarios
  3. User manual to set up, configure, and run the OSK with the anomaly injection and detection capabilities
  4. Monthly review meetings with Aerospace liaisons and final out brief to Aerospace engineers

What was my role in the project?

Project Lead (triumvirate) & Documentation team member

Key responsibilities:
★ Develop and maintain scheduled milestones
★ Serve as communication channel for team and liaisons
★ Apply agile and waterfall management techniques
★ Write detailed SDD, SRS documentations
★ Prepare and present to Aerospace engineers

⚡ Technical Stack

⚡ Challenges Faced

COVID-19 Pandemic

The primary challenge faced by our CSULA senior team during the collaborative group project was the absence of in-person interactions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While technology allowed us to communicate virtually, the lack of physical presence made it challenging to build personal connections, engage in spontaneous discussions, and convey non-verbal cues, which are essential aspects of effective teamwork. Despite this hurdle, we adapted by utilizing various online collaboration tools and implementing structured communication protocols to ensure seamless coordination and project progress in a remote setting.

⚡ Project Outcome

ECST Expo 2020 - 2021

☝ Project Feedback

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